Frequently asked questions

What is the Learn Our History Project?

The Learn Our History Project is a movement. We are dedicated to empowering our community with the knowledge found in black history. So far we have the Learn Our History Newsletter and the Black History Facts App in our collection. Our mission is to make Black History easy, fun and accessible. Find out more at: learnourhistory.co

Is the app free?

Yes, the Black History Facts App is free. It is our mission to make black history accessible to everyone.

Is the app appropriate for children?

The Black History Facts App is suitable for children. Every fact is tailored to engage people of all ages.

How else can I support?

Downloading and using the Black History Facts App is already a massive show of support. We are very grateful. You can further support this project by:

  • Sharing the app with friends and family
  • Leaving a review in the app store
  • Checking out our social media ( Twitter and Instagram)
  • Consider becoming a Patreon
  • Signing up to the Learn Our History newsletter
Thank you for your continued support.